Welcome English-speaking friend!

As you have probably noticed by now, my main client group is German, and therefore my sites are in German, too. But as I do offer Soul Plan Readings in English, you will find all the necessary information on this page.

First of all: Hi, I am Meike (pronounced as My-ca)

I am trained in the Soul Plan System by Blue Marsden and Frank Alper as Soul Plan Teacher. I love Soul Plans so much and find it difficult not to talk about it.

Soul Plan System by Blue Marsden and Frank Alper

In the Soul Plan System by Blue Marsden and Frank Alper, we read your soul plan based on your full name to discover your challenge, talent, goals and soul destiny. 

In the Sefer Yetzirah, an old part of the Kabbalah, every letter of the alphabet is described by certain elements and associated with characteristics and further information. 

The combination of letters in your name creates your personal energy signature that helps you attract certain things and can make it difficult to achieve others.

Your name encodes your soul plan, which tells you the highest potential of your soul and how to manifest it.

Information in the Soul Plan System

In the Soul Plan System, we read defined areas of your life experience:

The challenge describes the area that your soul has decided to learn to evolve and expand. We often experience the challenge as a repeating, frustrating pattern, that we find hard to break through. 

The talent shows us what is easy for us and what we can use to overcome the challenge and support us (and others) on our way to personal growth. Unfortunately, we typically don’t regard our talent as talent, as it is so natural for us.

The goals tell us what we can bring into the world and give us information on what we can contribute to society

The soul destiny reconnects us to our deepest desire or dream on how to assist humankind.

Soul Plan Readings

A Soul Plan Reading tells you about your challenge, talent, goal and soul destiny and includes a healing and integrating mediation. 

A Soul Plan Reading can either be a live Zoom session or a recording that will be sent to you. All question can be asked directly in the Zoom call or via E-mail if you decide on the recording.

Soul Plan Readings available

The Soul Plan Reading based on your birth name is always the first step to discover your Soul Plan. 

After the reading, you will know about

  • the challenge your soul wants to master
  • the talent, that you carry and can naturally bring to the world
  • the goal, you shall manifest in the world 
  • and your soul destiny, which encodes your true self and core essence.

€133 + Vat according to your country

Reading via Zoom (approx. 75 minutes) or as a recording (approx. 45 minutes)

Follow-up or add-on to your Soul Plan Reading

The overlay reading is an add-on or follow-up to your Soul Plan Reading, if you don’t use your full birth name (if you don’t use your middle name, or you changed your surname). A name change doesn’t change your Soul Plan but brings an infusion to the existing energies. 

(For example: my birth name has strong energies for bringing spiritual energies to society, but my married name helps me to do this via courses and teachings, an element that wasn’t strong before).

€75 + Vat according to your country

available as Zoom call or recording

approx. 30 minutes

A relationship reading looks at two soul plans and the ways they support or trigger each other. The intention of a Soul Plan Reading is always based on increasing understanding and support for each other, never to judge a relationship as successful or worthy.

It is best booked as a follow-up to your Soul Plan Reading to first understand your own Soul Plan.

€140 + Vat according to your country

Available as Zoom call (approx. 60 minutes)

Your business also has a soul plan! In a business reading, we decode the energies your business is carrying to ensure that your message and work will reach the right people and enhance your personal energy.

A Business Reading can either be an add-on or follow-up, depending on what feels best for you.

€180 + Vat according to your country

Available as Zoom call (up to 2 hours)

All Zoom calls are recorded and you will get an audio recording of our call.

You need to download and save the recording within 7 days. I do not keep a recording of the session after 7 days of our call.

If you have any question or are unsure which reading is best for you, you can e-mail me anytime.

About me

Hi again. 

When I first heard about the Soul Plan System, I knew I had to take the training without understanding what it really was. 

While I had learned other healing modalities, that I intended to use to help others, I was never really confident in these. With Soul Plan, it was a different experience. Instantly I got the feedback that it was super helpful, eyeopening and the information greatly appreciated from my test clients, while discovering the profound knowledge and healing effect I experienced by discovering and integrating my own Soul Plan. 

I slowly increased my understanding and knowledge until I was ready to become a Soul Plan Teacher in 2019.

I love Soul Plan for the incredible impact it had on my life. It helped me to understand myself on a much deeper level, let me help others, and enabled me to build up a business. My motivation is to re-connect others with their deep inner knowing to start trusting themselves and believing in the importance of their authenticity.

If you require additional information or have difficulties booking an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.